Asparagus Root 

  • Chinese Name    Tian Men Dong   天门冬
  • Latin Name          Asparagus (Lour. (Liliaceae)
  • Other Names       Tian Dong, Wild Red Asparagus Root, Tuber Asparagus Tuber
  • Used Part             Root
  • Specification       Full Spectrum Extract Powder

Completely different from the asparagus vegetable, Red Asparagus Root is the ancient Taoist tonic herb used by spiritual seekers for generations to enhance meditation and produce an open-hearted feeling of levity above the mundane. Wild Asparagus root is a marvelous Shen tonic and Yin tonic. It was credited by Chinese wise men and women as being able to open the heart, prolong life, and also to the sexual functions of both men and women. It is also traditionally used in Chinese herbalism as a major lung and is widely used to add luster to the skin. It is also said that those who consume Asparagus over a long period of time come to feel so light and buoyant that they feel like they can fly.

Taste & Property    
Sweet, Bitter, Very Cold
Organ Meridians
    Lungs, Kidneys.
TCM Functions

Tonifies Kidney Yin, Clears Lung Heat
Treats dry mouth, fever, aversion to and cold, chest pain, and hemoptysis or blood streaked sputum. with scanty sticky sputum, or with blood streaked sputum and difficult to expectorate.

Tonifies Lung Yin, Generates Fluids, Moistens Dryness
For wasting and thirsting disorder. For thirst, muscle wasting, consumptive cough with blood streaked sputum, low grade or afternoon fevers, constipation, dry stools.

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