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I have been purchasing c60 in bulk from Sarah Vaughter's company since 2015 and re-selling her product on my Ebay Store, as I always do with all the products I re-sell on my ebay, I used all the information from her website to describe her product the best way possible.After 2 years of being his customer and having delays with my last 2 orders last December 2017, I decided to look for another supplier, I found a new supplier from the US and stopped buying from her. I recently started receiving very aggressive and abusive emails from her complaining and threatened me with false allegations (that I am a criminal, gangster and that I sell counterfeit c60 on Ebay, She also illegally published my pictures saying that I have been busted for theft on 2007)I contacted her several times, trying to explain to her that all I did was re-selling her product with all the information taken from the website, and that I stopped selling her c60 on January 2018 and that I am now selling c60 from other US supplier, also that I have all the invoices from all my purchases from her company as a proof that the bottles I have been selling are indeed her bottles, however, non of these made any sense to her. She must be mad because I found a new supplier!

I have absolutely nothing good to say about Sarah Vaughter, in fact I found many of her clients filling reports with very similar situations and the same "modus operandi" threatening them and publishing their pictures trying to damage their reputation and mine too. If you need more details or proof on each of the purchases I made from her please contact me, I am an honest person and I have nothing to hide.


Diego Seliman.