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Schizandra Berry

(schisandra chinensis)

high potency  Extract Powder

100 GRAMS / 3.6 OUNCES

Schisandra Chinensis Berry (Chinese: wu-wei-zi, which when translated means “berry of five flavors”) is a deciduous climbing plant whose fruit are clusters of tiny, bright red berries. It is widespread throughout Northern and Northeast China and the adjacent regions of Russia and Korea, where it grows in the woods. What is  immediately evident from this is the fact that the plant is resistant to low temperatures and is able to withstand temperatures below -30 ° C. Her Chinese name wu-wei-zi (schisandra chinensis) talks about her unusual combination of flavors of fruit (a mixture of sour, sweet, salty, spicy and bitter).


 Schisandra Chinensis


• Adaptoten  the Schisandra chinensis berry use as a tonic for the rejuvenation of the body in traditional Chinese medicine has led to extensive research, mainly in the former Soviet Union, where it is defined as an “adaptogen”. Adaptogens are substances that strengthen the body’s resistance to non-specific physical, chemical and biological stressors. Schisandra chinensis berry is known for its stimulating effect on the nervous system without the effect of excitement like in amphetamines or caffeine. The higher the degree of exhaustion the greater stimulating effect. Research also shows that schisandra chinensis stimulates the central nervous system

•  Anti-fatigue  laboratory tests show that schisandra berry can improve performance, increase strength  and reduce fatigue, also increases stamina and speed and improves concentration. It stimulates the nervous system by increasing the speed of nervous responses, leading to quicker and stronger reflexes.

• Boosts mental function  studies show that schizandra chinensis can increase mental performance in humans: concentration, fine coordination, sensitivity and endurance in healthy young men. 


    Balancing adaptogen

    Optimizes beauty and skin

    Sharpens mind and improves coordination and memory

    Improves sexual function, endurance and performance

    Tonifies the kidney and liver

    Rejuvenates and restores respiratory functionality, power and   circulation


Supplement Facts:


Ingredients:  Organic Concentrated  Schizandra Chinensis Extract


Other Ingredients: None


Container Size: 3.6 oz. | 1000 grams


Serving Size:  1/2 teaspoon

Certified organic Schizandra Chinensis 20:1 extract powder3.6 oz. / 100 grams

$30.00 Regular Price
$22.99Sale Price
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