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Our RAW Pine Pollen Powder is over 99% digestible, ensuring that you absorb and experience all the health benefits of Pine Pollen. In comparison, bee pollen is estimated at 5% digestibility.


Nutritional Analysis


Over 20 Amino Acids including all 8 Essential Amino AcidsFull Spectrum of Food Source VitaminsA Complete Mineral ProfileOther Medicinal Compounds
AlanineVitamin ACalciumRich in Plant Sterols
ArginineB-CaroteneCopperNucleic Acids
AsparticVitamin B1IronUnsaturated Fatty Acids
CysteineVitamin B2ManganeseOleic acid
Glutamic AcidVitamin B3MagnesiumAlpha Linolenic Acid (ALA)
GlycinVitamin B6MolybdenumLignin
IsoleucineFolic AcidPhosphorMethylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
LeucineVitamin DPotassiumFiber
LysineVitamin ESeleniumLiving Enzymes & Co-Enzymes
Methionine SiliconFlavonoids
Phenylalanie SodiumMonosaccharides & Polysaccharides
Proline ZincSuperoxide dismutase (SOD)
Serine  Antioxidants



Suggested Dosage

2 tablets 3 times a day depending on age and conditions.

Pine Pollen 200x500mg Tablets /100 grams

$24.99 Regular Price
$21.24Sale Price
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