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schisandra Chinensis Berry (Chinese: wu-wei-zi, which when translated means “berry of five flavors”) is a deciduous climbing plant whose fruit are clusters of tiny, bright red berries. It is widespread throughout Northern and Northeast China and the adjacent regions of Russia and Korea, where it grows in the woods. What is immediately evident from this is the fact that the plant is resistant to low temperatures and is able to withstand temperatures below -30 ° C. Her Chinese name wu-wei-zi (schisandra chinensis) talks about her unusual combination of flavors of fruit (a mixture of sour, sweet, salty, spicy and bitter).

Schizandra, schisandra usually grows to a height from 15 to 25 meters and in width from 5 to 10 meters, and blooms from April to May. Schisandra chinensis is dioecious, which means that the one plant has only one male, the other female flowers, so it is clear that for the fruits we must have both plants. However, there are hybrids such as “Eastern Prince” where one plant has male and female characteristics and is therefore self-pollinated. But you have to be careful in purchasing because the hybrids plants are often sold as single-plant.

Schisandra Berry – Schisandra Chinensis

For good growth of the plant you need to ensure moist, porous and humus rich soil, and a shady position because schisandra chinensis berry does not like direct sunlight. In addition, because the plant is in the nature of climbing, we should secure the surface where it will climb on.

Schisandra Chinensis Berry can be propagated by seed or cuttings. Propagation by seed is difficult and requires a cold stratification (imitating of winter conditions) of 120 days before planting. If this condition is not met, the seed will not germinate, but in this case it does not need to thrown out, but kept in the soil and during winter you can do a stratification.

In pharmacy schisandra chinensis berry is used also as a product and can be found in a cream for skin. Soft, lightweight lotion for sensitive skin combines precious schisandra organic extract, organic camellia oil, organic aloe and plum extract and it helps in intensive revitalization and hydration. It relieves the negative effects of stress on skin and strengthens its natural resistance.

 schizandra  side effects are uncommon and rare. 

Supplement Facts:


20:1 Concentrated  Schizandra Tincture Extract

Grain alcohol and distilled water

Container Size: 2 oz. / 60ml.

Schizandra berries dual extract liquid tincture 2 oz / 60ml.

$23.99 Regular Price
$20.99Sale Price
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