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Through the misty haze of time, as the great pyramids of Giza were slowly being built, as the drama of the New Testament was unfolding, as western civilization plunged into and out of the thousand year sleep known as the Dark Ages, while the new world was being established, even as modern medical science began to appear and assume its current form—the profoundly powerful health care system of traditional Chinese herbalism has been quietly evolving in an unbroken chain. The Three Treasures System of Traditional Chinese Superior Herbalism is the culmination of 5,000 years of continuous and improvement. It is a complete, safe and natural approach to attaining vitality and longevity that has been relied upon by billions of people for hundreds of generations.

The system of Superior Herbalism (also known as Tonic Herbalism) is attributed to Shen Nung and was first documented in 1,500 B.C. This first set the foundation for the longest unbroken chain of experimentation and discovery in the world today. It culminates in the powerful health care system known as Superior Herbalism.

According to there are three basic energies that are the foundation of health and human potential called the Three Treasures. They are known as “Treasures” because they are the very basis of life. These Three Treasures and their associated functions are:

Jing – The First Treasure

※ Deep Energy ※ Reserves ※ Longevity※ Genetic Inheritance※Glandular Function

Jing is generally known as regenerative energy or essence of life. It is the fundamental energy created when an individual is conceived; it is the substance of our genetic potential which determines our longevity. Jing energy governs regeneration, longevity, youthfulness, sexual energy, mental stamina, fertility, courage, will-power, and deep long-term vitality. Jing energy also affects glandular functioning. A deficiency of Jing energy can result in premature aging and degenerative conditions.

We are each born with a certain amount of Jing which is used up by the process of living. It is depleted by environmental toxins, excessive behaviors, stress, substance abuse, poor diet, poor sleep habits, and overwork. This gradual loss of Jing affects our longevity as well as our quality of life. To push oneself past natural fatigue into exhaustion is said to deplete Jing energy.

We can nourish and preserve our Jing by choosing a healthy and by eating certain Chinese Superior Jing herbs.

Superior Jing herbs are divided into two categories: Yin Jing and Yang Jing. The secret to achieving Radiant Health is to restore and maintain the correct balance of Yin and Yang.

  • Yin Tonic Herbs provide the ‘deep substance of life’ and nourish the fluids of the body. Yin is defined as the accumulation and storage of energy which considered to be the body’s fundamental reserves, especially that stored in the Kidney. In the ‘Kidney’ actually encompasses the structures and functions of the reproductive system, the brain, the adrenal glands (especially the hormone-producing cortex), the ears, the hair on the head, the skeleton, the teeth and the bone marrow. Yin herbs nurture these organs and functions. Yin tonics are usually associated with the preservation of life and many of them are the most important ‘anti-aging, longevity herbs’.

  •  Yang Tonic Herbs are the power herbs of Chinese herbalism. Like they affect primarily the kidney functions. ‘Yang’ is the utilization of the ‘Yin’, the stored energy. yang tonics have ‘warm’ or ‘hot’ nature. They are associated with mental creativity and some are famous as sexual tonics (aphrodisiacs). Yang herbs also stimulate metabolism, build muscle and reduce the levels of fat in the system. They strengthen bone especially renowned for helping to strengthen the back (especially the lower back), knees and joints.

Qi – The Second Treasure

Daily Energy ※ Adaptability ※ Metabolism ※ Immune Function

Qi is the energy that we use on a daily basis. It is our body’s ability to make energy daily from the food we eat and the air we breathe. It is the source of our day-to-day vitality. Qi affects the immune system, the metabolic processes, the utilization of nutrients, and healthy glandular function.

Superior Qi herbs that build and support our daily energy are divided into two categories: Qi(Energy) and blood.

  • Qi Tonic Herbs (also known as Energy tonics) increase physiological energy production. They are never stimulants. Instead, they help the body to function optimally, resulting in a natural progressive increase in vitality. Qi herbs enhance the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal system to yield energy and blood. They influence the ‘spleen’ and also nurture the ‘lungs’ in the body’s energy system. Thus the Qi circulate throughout the body via the ‘meridian’ system, providing the organs and tissues with the vitality required to live and function.

  •  Blood Tonic Herbs nourish the blood and help the body to utilize nutrients so as to function optimally. Blood nourishes all the tissues of the body and provides the key means of distribution of nutrients, hormone, and immune cells throughout the body. Blood tonics help build muscle and increase energy. Blood tonics are generally believed to benefit the quality and beauty of the skin. In Chinese herbalism men are governed by Qi and women are governed by Blood.

Shen – The Third Treasure

※Radiance of Spirit ※Wisdom ※Consciousness ※Feelings of Well-being

Shen is the energy of consciousness and awareness. It is often translated as “spirit.” It is our personal radiance: the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. A person with strong Shen is one who is calm and at peace, aware, clear, centered, able to communicate with others, and profoundly happy.

Certain Chinese Superior herbs have been found through the centuries to cultivate this Shen energy and unveil our positive radiance. Superior Shen herbs generally have a calming quality.

  • Shen Tonic Herbs (also known as Spirits tonics) provide us with feelings of peace, calm, and serenity. If we are experiencing certain conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress or fear, these are referred to as Shen disturbances. Shen tonic herbs are these can help to dissipate the energy of any Shen disturbance and can act as stabilizing agents that calm and ground during times of stress.

Better Understanding Three Treasures – The Candle Analogy

  • Jing – Jing is represented by the wax and the wick of the candle. The quality of the wax and the reserve of wax available for burning determines the life of the candle. Your Jing, which is determined by your genetic inheritance and your deep energy reserves, determines your longevity. It takes a long time to deplete Jing and it is extremely hard to replenish.

  • Chi – Chi is represented by the flame of the candle. It can sputter and smoke or it can burn brightly and evenly. Your Chi is your vitality or daily energy. It provides the source of light; however, it eventually consumes the candle. When your Chi is used efficiently, your Jing lasts longer! Chi is easily depleted through daily activity and when a person is healthy it is easily replenished with sleep, nourishment, and breathing.

  • Shen – Shen is represented by the light that radiates from the burning candle. The purpose of the candle is to light the darkness. Your Shen is the radiance of your spirit. When Jing and Chi are in abundance, Shen is released

Jing, Chi, & Shen Work In Harmony

Jing, Chi, and Shen work in harmony with each other. There must be an abundance of Jing and Chi for Shen to be strong. If Jing and Chi are weak, Shen will be weak also. Likewise, Jing and Chi support each other to create Radiant Health. If any one of these treasures weak, there will be illness; and if one disappears completely, life will cease to exist.

There is a saying in Chinese herbalism “it is okay to become fatigued…but we should never become exhausted.” Fatigue depletes Chi which can easily be restored. Exhaustion depletes Jing which is very difficult to replenish. The Three is designed to balance our bodies so we can have a long life, and have a positive outlook on life.

Three Treasures System For Holistic Health

The tradition of cultivating the Three Treasures is one of the oldest holistic health philosophies in the world. If we are healthy in mind and body, strong in will, and have natural energy, we can fulfill our highest imaginations. Natural energy is procured through maintaining a vital balance and building energy reserves so that we never become completely exhausted, depleted, weak and unprotected. It was believed by these ancient holistic wise men that if we are able to maintain balanced, natural energy through cultivating the Three Treasures … we can live a long, fulfilled life.

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