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Tribulus Terrestris 

  • Chinese Name     Ci Ji Li 刺蒺藜

  • Latin Name           Tribulus Terrestris L.

  • Other Names         Fructus Tribuli, Caltrop Fruit, Puncture-Vine Fruit,

  • Used Part               Fruit

  • Specification         Full Spectrum Extract Powder; Saponins

Category: Chinese Herbs Tag: Liver

Tribulus Saponins is an herb that grows naturally in many parts of the world including the Americas, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The fruits/berries are the parts most often used in traditional medicine.

Tribulus Terrestris also known as Puncturevine and Gokshura has been used extensively in Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to boost male energy by directly increasing Testosterone levels. It has been used to restore lost Libido and Male Vitality. This same effect improves Energy & Muscle Strength. Improving Lean Muscle Mass Gains and Longevity!

In the mid-1990s, Tribulus became popular in North America for improving sports performance after Eastern European Olympic athletes claimed that taking Tribulus helped their performance.


Tribulus contains substances of biological significance, including plant saponins,, flavonoids, alkaloids, unsaturated acids, oils, calcium, phosphorus, iron and protein, which individually and in concert, are responsible for its many and varied physiological effects.

The presence and quantities of the pharmacologically important metabolites depend on the parts of the plants used (above ground parts: leaves and fruits and, to a lesser extent, the shoots) and on the conditions of growth, cultivation and harvesting.

Tribulus is cultivated and harvested in the environmentally clean area of Inner Mongolia, according to the specific methods developed for a superior quality extraction.

There are three groups of active phytochemicals in Tribulus Terrestris.

1. Dioscin, protodioscin, diosgenin, etc.

This first group has an effect on sexual performance and may promote vigorous sexual health, sexual energy level and strength by increasing the percentage of free testosterone level for men, and effects pregnenolone, progesterone, estrogen, etc. in women.

2. Sterols – beta-sitosterols, stigma, etc.

This second group supports prostate health.

3. Proprietary saponins.

These Tribulus saponins support the immune system.


Tribulus terrestris has played an important role in folk medicine for millennia. The ancient Greeks used it as a general tonic. In India, Tribulus has been used since ancient times for its aphrodisiac properties. Tribulus is widely recommended in Ayurvedic rejuvenative formulations, particularly in the area of promoting sexual health. For all of its therapeutic and adaptogenic effects, the most common cross cultural use of the herb has, nevertheless, been in promoting sexual health for men and women, and for increasing the libido of both sexes.


No adverse effects have been noted in any of the clinical trials or human research studies. Toxicity is extremely low in both acute and long term animal studies (based on the animal data, a human would have to consume approximately 100 times the average recommended dose of 750mg per day). There are no contraindications, and no negative effects are presently known to exist when Tribulus terrestris is used as a dietary supplement.

TCM Tradition

Taste & Property

Acrid, Bitter, Light Warm

Organ Meridians


TCM Functions

Calms the Liver and anchors Yang

– Liver Yang Rising with , vertigo or dizziness

Dredges Liver Qi and disperses Stagnation and clumping

– Liver Qi Stagnation with pain and distention in the flanks, irregular menstruation or insufficient lactation

Dispels Wind-Heat and brightens the eyes

– Red, swollen and painful eyes

– Excess tearing

Dispels Wind and stops itching

– Any kind of skin lesion with significant , such as hives

– Vitiligo (can be used as a stand-alone herb)

Extinguishes Liver Wind

– Liver Wind

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